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From jail, Deacon Tassang declares 40 days Fasting, for God’s Guidance over Ambazonia.



From jail, Deacon Tassang declares 40 days Fasting, for God’s Guidance over Ambazonia.

In the Bible, the book of Acts is considered a sacrificial one because, many believers and apostle of Christ Jesus had to pay the price for their believe. Like the Romans in that book, so too is the Yaounde Regime of Paul Biya, that is bent on throwing to jail every believer in the Ambazonian struggle.

Infact, in chapter 16, verse 25 of the same book, bible tells us that, the only way Paul and Silas (ardent Believers of Christ) were liberated was through worship and prayers. They sang and prayed, other prisoners emulated, and later, the jailer came to release them at no cost.

In this light, walks Deacon Tassang Wilfred, known to be one of the most spiritual of all the Fathers of the Southern Cameroons Struggle. Though in captivity in the Yaounde dungeons, the habit of worshipping God has not desist from this humble man. Acknowledging how Christ Jesus suffered temptation and persecution for 40 days through the Wilderness during what is reffered to as the Lent, Deacon Tassang writes to all Ambazonians a lamentation but Divine reassuring message from Kondegui Prison.

In the letter below, he calls for unity, persistence, respect of the Ambazonian leadership and prayerfulness during this period of lent.

He writes;


The Free Leadership


The Struggle

08 March 2019

Humiliation That Uplifts: Lent 2019; 40 Days of Desperate Lamentation.

Peace from He who is the First and the Last.

Accept fraternal greetings from the leadership in chains and be encouraged by that which our God has done; beyond and above all hope did He protect and preserve us. Glory to Jesus.

I write to commend you all for the prayers and holy hands continually lifted to heaven on our account. Beloved, know that our hope for the liberation of the homeland has not waned. Rather, daily, we give thanks to God who has counted us worthy to carry this little cross on behalf of generations to come. Because the Lord has strengthened us, we also are encouraged to speak hope to you, calling for perseverance even on to death. Remember that “God is pleased when, conscious of His will, you patiently endure unjust treatment”. 1Peter 2:19. As we endure the pains of labour as it were, we should continually humble ourselves before Him who called us to resistance. James 4:7.

The Lord of heaven’s armies calls us to humility, 2Chr.7:14. In our humiliation is victory guaranteed. Ps.136:23. This LENT season therefore, nation Ambazonia is called upon to fast with all desperation, seeking God’s face for UNITY amongst the free leadership of the struggle. God says in Gen.11:4b, ” After this (unity), nothing they set out to do shall be impossible for them.” “Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity, Ps133:1.

In the name of Jesus, our Lord who already died for the casting away of  Ambazonia’s yokes; in His name do I call you to join the Church and all people of good will in seeking God’s favour. This season, we deny ourselves so that God who sees our afflictions and transgressions may have mercy on us, humble the feuding leadership of the struggle He ordained, unite them and give voice to them that He has raised to speak out on our behalf even from the four corners of the earth.

Beloved in the Lord, as the Spirit directs, fast and pray according to the tradition of your assemblies. Remember before the Lord the bereaved as though you were bereaved; the wounded as though you feel the pains; the prisoners as though you were in prison. Also, remember before the Lord all who from within and without provide sustenance to God’s people in the wilderness and prisons that God may increase them in and out of season.

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. Amen.

From Prison Principale Kondengui have I with my own hand

Signed: Deacon Tassang Wilfred

Deacon Tassang also known by the people of southern Cameroons as Pa Tassang, is a Catholic Christian and also plays the trumpet very well. His religious background has been visible to the struggle for Ambazonian statehood. Many opine that, had he not been this religious, the struggle would have died at birth owing to heavy bribes offered him by the LA Republic agents at Ayaba Hotel Bamenda when he led the new phase of the crusade in 2016.

The entire team of BaretaNews sees this a worthy move from a man of faith and join forces with Pa Tassang to say, all Christians of Southern Cameroons origin should engage in this exercise. The hope is that that, as the jail doors were opened for Paul and Silas to be liberated, so too is God going to open the door for Ambazonian liberation.

Sumelong Ekane

Bamenda, Cameroon

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